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Introduction: A Mobile-Centric DeFI Investment Manager that is Gas-Free
Today, DeFi users top 2 Million users and it is now worth $170B but that is still relatively small compared to Traditional Finance at 22.5 Trillion.
The future of DeFi offers scalability and ultra-low fees at an extremely liquid universe of DeFi apps such as Compound, Aave, Curve, or Yearn. However, the current state of DeFi Apps are notoriously complex to use and it is not a skill everyone can master. One of the main challenges facing DeFi today is the accessibility and scalability with subpar UX. Most DeFi Dapps today are not optimized with retail investors’ interests in mind. In particular, non-native Crypto investors.
While much of the initial protocol has been dedicated to technical topics such as stability and consistency so that stablecoins can function as a global unit-of-account and medium-of-exchange that is stable, almost no attention in comparison has been paid to improving the UI & UX of DeFi Apps.
Singular, a Mobile-Centric DeFi app that allows anyone to invest and participate in DeFi starting with the Singular Automated Yield Compounder Protocol or SD, a new financial protocol that makes staking easier and gives $SD holders the highest stable returns in crypto.
Singular DAO is a growing community of DeFi experts, crypto engineers to identify good investment opportunities in DeFi. DeFi projects are typically smaller than Bitcoin and less well-known which creates enormous opportunities as the Singular DAO invests in a basket of proven DeFi assets for the long-term rather than trade speculatively in the short term. aims to democratize financial services to everyone with a smartphone and an internet connection by offering a transparent, censorship-resistant universe of smart contracts.
We set out to design the most beautiful DeFi investing experience ever made. We repeatedly iterated over every tiny detail. We meticulously crafted every interaction by our initial cohorts of early adopters. We are taking an incredible invention in DeFi, adding in a DAO and making the Singular App Mobile-Centric.
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